Scacciata Siciliana Ricotta Cream Salsiccia Pomodoro
Sicilian Pastry filled with Caciocavallo Cheese, house made Italian Sausage & house dried Tomatoes; baked & finished with local Ricotta Goat Cheese & Tomato Sauce

Primo Piatto

Suggested Pairing: Gulfi Sicilia Valcanzjria ‘ 07

Zuppa di Pesce
Black Mussels, Brown Gulf Shrimp, Little Neck Clams, Red Snapper, Scamp Grouper & Calamari with Spearmint Sicilian Limoncello Broth & grilled Garlic Focaccia

Pasta alla Norma
Aubergines golden fried in Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil atop Penne Pasta in Salsa di Pomodoro Sauce; finished with Sweet Basil & Ricotta Salata Cheese

Spaghetti con Bottarga
Spaghetti dressed in Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Italian Parsley, Peperoncino, Caramelized Garlic, Salina Island fried Caper Berries & shaved Sicilian Salt Cured Tuna Roe

Secondi Piatto

Suggested Pairing: Gulfi Nerojbleo Sicilia ‘05

Cernia con Cacuzza Marmellata Castelvetrano Olives Panelle Sepia
Pan roasted Gulf Scamp Grouper, Italian Squashes, & crisp seared Chickpea Fritters with Sicilian Green & Black Olives

Triglie con Arancia Rossa Finocchio Pancetta Patate Cipoline
Sautéed Gulf Red Snapper dusted with Wild Fennel Pollen; finished with Blood Oranges, braised Fennel, caramelized Italian Onions & Bacon wrapped Fried Potatoes

Pollo Polenta FichiDi’India Caprino
Rosemary roasted Young Heirloom Half Chicken with Gold Polenta & Roasted local Butternut Squash; finished with Soft Warm Goat Cheese & Prickly Pear Natural Sauce

Agnello Quaglia Salsiccia Crespelle Agliata Rucola
Barbecued Lamb Chop, Fried Quail & grilled Spedale’s Link Italian Sausage with Pecorino Ricotta Crespelle Pockets, Arugula & toasted Garlic Mint Olive Oil Sauce


Suggested Pairing: Terramore Cabernet-Syrah ‘04

Dolce Tre
Warm Almond Semolina Cake with Toasted Almond Gelato, Chocolate dipped Honey Comb & Pistachio Cannolo
Suggested Pairing: Caravella Limoncello

Primizie Proudly Uses Local Products from the Following:
Wateroak Farm ~ Full Quiver Dairy Farm ~ San Miguel Seafood ~ Pedernales Valley Farm ~ Texas Olive Ranch ~ McCall Creek Farms ~ Dewberry Farm ~ W Farm & Ranch ~ Pure Luck Farm and Dairy ~ Loncito’s Lamb ~ Texas Quail Farm ~ Animal Farm ~ G & S Groves ~ Oak Hill Farms *All dishes reflect current local market value, please ask your server for prices *