Heavy Hors d’oeurves Reception

Latin Flavors Station:

Mixed Shellfish Seviche’
Gulf shrimp, bay scallops, and crab, cured with fresh lime juice and hot chiles; combined with cilantro, avocado, tomato, chipotle chile, sweet onion garlic and olive oil in red tortilla cups

Cuban Pork Cocktail Sandwiches
Miniature Cumin and garlic roasted pork tenderloin with pickled onion, chilies and spicy mustard on a crusty French baguette

Traditional Empanadas
Fillings include:
• Cotija cheese, red chile and caramelized onions
• Shredded beef, chipotle chile and white cheddar

Chicken Skewers with Saffron, Basil and Chocolate
Breast of chicken grilled and skewered finished with Spanish Picada of Almonds, saffron, basil, orange and chocolate

Primizie Specialties

Bocconcini Mozzarella and Fall Wild Mushroom Canape
Roasted wild mushrooms and fresh buffalo mozzarella passed on lightly fried pumpkin polenta canapé

Oven –Dried Tomatoes with Local Goat Cheese Bruschetta
Pure luck goat cheese, chive and balsamic reduction

Primizie Spreads Served with Signature Cumin Crisps
• Garlicky spinach, lemon & artichoke
• Kalamata olive tapenade
• Smoked pepper, herbal ailoi

Beef Carpaccio
Cold smoked beef tenderloin sliced thin, garnished with oven dried capers and crushed black peppercorns, passed on house made pine-nut toast points, herb infused olive oil and shaved parmesan cheese

Comfort Texas Station:
Baby Back Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce
Tender grilled ribs basted with espresso barbecue sauce

Pecan Fried Chicken
Tender strips of buttermilk marinated chicken breasts, rolled in crushed pecans, offered with a whole grain mustard dipping sauce

New Potato Enchiladas
Soft tortillas filled with black peppered red bliss potatoes, scallions, and cheeses with an orange red mole sauce

Decadent Dessert Display:
An assortment: white and dark champagne chocolate truffles, “Baci” Chocolate almond cookie kisses, sun dried cherry and mocha espresso chocolate hazelnut biscotti, classic lemon tartlets, and white chocolate chunk fudge brownies, garnished with red vineyard grapes and citrus fruits